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How to build and maintain a positive brand image

A positive brand image is essential for any business’ success. Your image communicates your company values and professionalism, which is the foundation for building trust and loyalty with clients.

In this blog, we give some tips on how you can make sure your company is getting as much positive exposure as possible.

Be consistent with your branding

Ensure consistency in your branding across all channels, from your website to social media. This includes things like the logo, mission statement, colour palette and brand name.

Think of it like this – when meeting a new client, you wouldn’t turn up looking messy and unorganised. The same goes for your branding. A consistent and professional online presence will set the bar high from the beginning, and show potential customers that your company is one they can rely on.

Monitor your company’s online reputation

Keep on top of what customers are saying about your brand. Monitor social media mentions, review sites, and other online platforms to stay informed.

If you do find negative feedback, responding to it promptly and professionally is key. This will demonstrate your company’s commitment to client satisfaction and nip reputation damage in the bud. But don’t just address the bad – make sure to share positive mentions and client testimonials to your media channels too.

Keep adapting, updating and improving

With the business landscape continually evolving, it’s important your company evolves too. Stay on top of market trends and current industry developments to help keep your business relevant. If your current media output and strategy is no longer resonating with your target audience, shake it up.

It’s normal for your business image to change over time, so make sure you maintain an updated and professional image across media to reflect this. First impressions are important, and a website or social media account is often the first thing your target audience will look at.

Engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Customers love companies that are environmentally and socially conscious. Taking part in activities that promote and align with your values is a great way to strengthen your company’s positive image.

Engaging with your local community through volunteer days and sponsorships will also help your employees feel great too, and help foster a positive company culture. Whichever way you choose to give back, don’t forget to capture your efforts, and promote them online.

Make public relations a priority

Ideally, you want to get company updates and achievements published on the most relevant news outlets, blogs, and industry publications.

Taking the time to research journalists in your niche will make sure you’re pitching your company news to publications whose readership will be interested, giving them a much better chance of getting noticed.

Have a crisis communications plan

Whether it’s a negative review online or an unfavourable news story, adverse press can turn a positive brand image to a negative one very quickly. In this scenario, speedy and transparent crisis communications is a must. And most importantly – a crisis communications plan.

To learn more about creating a crisis communications plan, check out our recent blog here: Why a strong communications plan is vital in the event of a crisis.

Creating and maintaining a positive brand image isn’t easy. If you need help building your brand image, or dealing with negative press, get in touch. Our dedicated team can set you on the path to positivity.

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