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New homeowners to benefit from innovative 'green' travel plan

Llanmoor Homes have announced the launch of an ambitious new Travel Plan at their Cae Sant Barrwg development in Bedwas near Caerphilly.

The scheme is set to be the first of its kind for the County Borough, with Llanmoor Homes keen to lead the way in incorporating a sustainable travel plan for residents.

Located in Bedwas, Caerphilly the popular Cae Sant Barrwg development consists of a community of 240 new homes and features a range of their most sought after house types.

The award-winning home builders have been working alongside Caerphilly County Borough Council to provide all new homeowners at the development with the travel packs.

The packs consist of information for residents regarding sustainable urban transport options such as walking, cycling and use of public transport, with the purpose being to encourage more sustainable travel options when and where possible.

The goal is to reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys, promote more sustainable travel habits, promote and encourage healthy and active lifestyles and to provide advice to all residents on how to improve local travel habits.

As a Welsh SME housebuilder, Llanmoor Homes are committed to the provision of public transport to support their developments. As a result, once sufficient homes at the development have been occupied, a regular bus service will operate. This service will encourage homeowners to make use of the transport during their commute and is set to run a peak time service from the development to Caerphilly bus and rail interchange in the morning and back in the evening.

With an anticipated commencement of Spring/Summer 2020, the service will provide invaluable transport to the new residents of Cae Sant Barrwg, being both affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Tim Grey, Sales Director at Llanmoor Homes, said: “As a family run housebuilder founded over 50 years ago, our vision, mission and purpose is still the same as it always was; to build high quality new homes which people enjoy living in and we are proud to put our name to.”

“We are committed to creating a positive legacy. We design all our new homes to be more environmentally friendly, creating a greener future and ensuring that our customers are able to keep their living costs down.”

“We are proud to launch the Sustainable Travel plan which is the first in the County Borough and we continue to work closely with council planning teams to ensure we are doing all that we can to preserve and enhance our natural environment.”

Ensuring our developments are environmentally sustainable is an important aspect of what we do, and we are always working to come up with new and innovative ideas to achieve this. We hope this initiative will have a positive impact on the local community in Bedwas.”

With the new packs, each homeowner is asked to complete a Smarter Travel Questionnaire, in order to allow the Council to better understand their daily travel habits and assess the best ways to support their access to public transport. In an effort to improve the local environment and change people’s attitudes, the scheme will allow each homeowner to claim up to £250 back for the cost of rail tickets, bus travel and even cycling or walking equipment.

This investment provides every new homeowner with the resources, funds and information for them to make more positive travel decisions. Llanmoor Homes have proved their commitment to the initiative by funding £75,000 to the Caerphilly Borough Council to go towards sustainable travel vouchers for new residents.

Deputy Leader of Council, Cllr Sean Morgan, welcomed the scheme, “This is the first time we have worked with a housing developer to deliver a sustainable travel plan which also provides incentives to the new homeowners. We very much welcome the opportunity to be part of this exciting initiative and we now look forward to seeing the benefits that the scheme will deliver in future.”

To learn more about Cae Sant Barrwg and other developments by Llanmoor Homes visit

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