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There is time to stop plastics wrecking Wales

As we all return to work with the weekend in sight, I read with great excitement and support for the Western Mail’s launch today of their Wales Against Plastics campaign.

I wholeheartedly support the campaign and the key objectives of it:

  • Raise awareness of the damage plastics have already done to Wales’ delicate ecosystem;

  • Arrange beach and river cleans across Wales to help repair just a small amount of that damage;

  • Hold councils to account on increasing recycling levels and reducing plastics;

  • Encourage everyone to find ways to cut down on single-use plastic.

We read this week of the discovery of one of our Council’s waste being found in Malaysia.

Our young children are increasingly made aware of the dangers to our environment of plastic over-use we as adults must do everything in our power to support any initiative to encourage our future generations to support our fragile world. As many environmentalists confirm there is time to save our planet.

Well done to the editor and staff of the Western Mail for launching such an important campaign.

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