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Has Welsh Euro success ‘Baled’ out the pubs?

Fans across Wales have rallied together to support their small but mighty team who have made it to the knockout stages of the EURO 2020. Wales’s unprecedented success has sent a shockwave of pride and excitement throughout the nation. Never has a country been so thrilled by a historic one-nil defeat seeing them through to the last 16. From the vendors selling daffodil hats on the high streets to the receptionist at the office, all 3 million in true Welsh fashion join together to sing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau at the top of their lungs.

So, what has this done for Wales as a nation? Well, the reality of the Covid life has been bleak, never have we felt more distanced from each other. As staying in became the new out, many people became worried about life after lockdown, regarding social situations and being with friends you haven’t seen in a long time. However, the Welsh team’s success has given the ultimate conversation starter, a mutual ground allowing people to reconnect and get back to their normal selves.

The new boost of morale mixed with the warm weather of June has created a beer garden boom. Thousands have flocked to their local pub to watch the games. The British Beer and Pub Association have even estimated that Wales fans bought an impressive 250,000 pints during the Wales vs Turkey match, which will only increase if Wales progress!

The emphasis on supporting local businesses has never been more important. With almost 10,000 licensed premises in Britain permanently closing in 2020 alone, now is the time to rally around your local pubs and bars. Besides, what better reason to go out for a pint at your local pub than to support your team?

Pub landlords have been delighted with the increase in customers flocking to the newly put-up projector screens and viewing events. In total, 62% of consumers stated that they would go to multiple venues during game day. So why not show your support to our local pubs? You could even try Gareth Bale’s own sports bar, Eleven’s Bar & Grill in Cardiff city centre and enjoy a nice pint of Bale Ale!

Good luck on Saturday, C'mon Cymru!

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