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How can Petersens PR increase your brand presence?

Increasing your brand presence is hard to do when running your own business, and that’s why we’re here to make your life easier.

Petersens PR is dedicated to helping you get the online and print coverage that you desire.

Social media is something that needs constant attention and isn’t always something that you can prioritise when running a business.

We have a team here who are specialised in social media and can do this work for you.

With planned scheduling and catered to your content we can optimise your businesses social media and get you the recognition you deserve.

With clients like Llanmoor Homes, we have an active role in their social media presence.

We provide regular online content for their website as well as running their social media account and interacting with their customers online.

Having this sort of online presence is important for any business.

Creating a voice for your business and having a team that is able to answer any questions or queries is key in building the reliability of your brand, and is something that we can provide.

Tim Grey, Sales Director for Llanmoor Homes said,

“I am delighted with the services that PetersensPR has provided for Llanmoor Homes. During our time with PetersensPR, we have seen the launch of various social media campaigns, including #lovellanmoor which is encouraging people to share on social media their Llanmoor experience, and builds an online community for our buyers as well as what we build for them in reality.”

We also work on press releases for our clients, focussing on getting our clients the coverage that they desire and deserve for their business.

Through press releases we can get your business both local and national coverage, helping build your image whilst reaching a more diverse audience.

We have relationships with a selection of journalists throughout the UK, and with this, we can help give your business the coverage that you require.

While we can provide these larger packages for bigger businesses, that doesn’t mean that we won't be the right fit for those who have smaller businesses.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact

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