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Hybrid Working – From obligation to destination?

The COVID 19 Pandemic completely changed the way we worked. Businesses had to adapt and overcome - trusting technology to keep their operations running. As we worked from home and got used to the flexibility and comfort, the idea of going back to a 9 to 5 working life became increasingly unappealing. Moreover, businesses realised that working from home and using software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams could be just as effective.

However, as we transition back into the workplace and more businesses (including Petersens PR) explore hybrid working, the office must reflect the change in work-life attitudes.

Businesses are increasingly starting to implement proper wellness programmes. It is now very common to see mental health days, wellness hours, team breakfasts and even yoga classes available to employees. This is because lockdowns and working from home allowed people the time and space to really think about their mental health and what’s important to them. Businesses now release that they must do more for the benefit of their employees.

Wellness is also a big selling point when recruiting and maintaining staff. To justify its existence, the workplace will have to be transformed from an obligation to a destination. To make the workplace a ‘destination status’, businesses must consider the following:


  • In sectors such as marketing, being in the office every day isn’t a necessity and therefore being able to choose what days you go in really makes a difference. This is especially true for people with families, as the flexibility makes it easier for people to arrange childcare. The key to hybrid and home working is communication. If your company has strong lines of communication, then flexible working can be achievable and effective.


  • People increasingly prioritise sustainability when making decisions. This doesn’t exclude where to work. Employees don’t want to see endless sheets of paper being printed and instead want to see companies make a conscious effort to try and implement sustainability. To make your office more sustainable you could go paperless, take part in monthly green challenges, and reduce plastic coffee cups. Finding ways to make your company more sustainable demonstrates that you share your employees’ concerns about the environment.


  • Going through an unprecedented and deadly pandemic increased concerns for safety as people cautiously make their way back to work. Businesses will need to make sure they create a workplace environment and culture that feels safe. This includes ventilation, cleaning supplies and even emergency PPE. Offices must be pandemic proof, and this requires investment into amenities and proper facilities.

Petersens PR is located at Eastern Business Park in St Mellon’s - just outside Cardiff city centre. We are lucky enough to feel that our office is a destination. The physical office is modern and has facilities including a gym, restaurant, and nursery. As a team, we feel that going into the office a few times a week is the perfect way to keep up team relations and great for bouncing off our ideas during one of our brainstorming days!

We love our office and aim to make it more sustainable. How has your idea of the office changed since the covid pandemic and how do you plan on making it more sustainable?

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