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Intern Diaries: Katie Carlisle

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I’m a second-year student at Cardiff University studying (BA) English Language and Linguistics. I have always been interested in a career in Marketing and Communications; but, like many students my age, was unsure of the specific roles and areas that interested me and lacked experience. I was thrilled to have been offered a work experience placement with Petersens PR to gain an insight into some aspects of the industry.

Petersens enabled me to gain hands-on experience in working with client’s social media. Throughout my week I have drafted and scheduled social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram with the aim of increasing interaction and engagement.

I have also been taught how to write a press release, which requires a specific writing style, and completed a draft one for St Illtyds School, to gain feedback on. I learnt how to use scheduling software for social media such as SproutSocial and Buffer too. Finally, I was able, to implement some of my own ideas within Petersens’ own social media. These included new hashtags and ideas for features to spark interest.

It has been a great experience that I am grateful to have been offered. Paris has taught me a great deal; such as tips on pitching press releases to journalists, and how to utilise LinkedIn to gain it’s benefits in business.

The opportunity has allowed me to explore and gain a clearer idea on specific areas of interest that I would like to pursue as a career beyond university. It has also helped me in developing my written communication and creative skills that will be transferable to my English degree and my future career journey.

Thank you Petersens!

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