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Intern Diaries: Ellie Courtman

When I first came across the PR and Social Media Graduate Futures Internship at Petersens PR, the job requirements immediately caught my eye. I’d recently completed my MA in Creative Writing, and having being sucked into retail after completing my undergraduate degree in English Literature, I was more determined than ever to find a job where I could put my creativity and writing skills to use.

I will admit, I knew little about the PR world before beginning my internship. Now, having been given an inside look into the industry at Petersens PR, I’ve learned that it’s a creative, diverse, and rewarding sector in which to work.

Something I’m enjoying massively about my internship is how varied it is – I’ll often be researching and writing something new every day. I also spend a lot of time researching very specific topics related to clients, which is turning me into a temporary expert in a number of niche areas!

Having an MA in Creative Writing means I tend to be overly descriptive. Working at Petersens PR has taught me how to keep things short, sweet, and engaging – crucial when creating information posts for social media. From the headline, content, and structure, I’m also learning all the tips and tricks to writing the perfect press release, and how to get vital information across clearly and succinctly.

Interning at Petersens PR has also shown me the benefits of working for a smaller company. The main being: smaller company = bigger responsibilities. I’ve written blogs, compiled media lists and helped manage client social media accounts. This has included researching content, designing posts, and scheduling them. I’ve even been able to suggest my own ideas and I've always received constructive feedback and guidance on tasks. The creative freedom and encouraging atmosphere I’ve experienced at Petersens PR has been hugely motivating, and I’ve quickly been able to develop a broad range of skills in just over four weeks.

I’ve also been given the opportunity to get hands-on experience with clients. I’ve sat in on client meetings, attended photoshoots, and got a glimpse into the process of onboarding a new client. I don’t think I would have learned as much or been exposed to such variety at a bigger company, and I’m very grateful for the experiences this internship has given me.

Thank you Petersens PR!

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