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Not to be ignored – A change in marketing strategy to all companies post-COVID

Rob Petersen, Managing Director of Petersenspr comments on the shift in marketing methods as a result of Covid-19:

Many companies have been forced to evolve during the last 12 months, changing from familiar traditional marketing methods such as advertising, TV, direct mail, national press and radio etc, to a new focus on digital marketing.

Just to illustrate this fact, during 2020 the US has seen a growth of 14 per cent in the D2C (Direct to Consumer) market (Source: eMarketer 2021). According to Statista, during a January 2021 survey carried out among marketing leaders from the UK, it was found that digital marketing spending in for-profit companies increased 9.57 per cent during 2020.

With companies now being able to engage directly with consumers via the very specific and creative social media targeting tools, the need for traditional media marketing is reducing for many brands and we’re seeing them become less of a priority within campaign budgets. Social media platforms now provide the ability for marketers to specify their target audience demographics (such as age, gender, location) for brand communications and sponsored social media adverts.

Companies need to recognise that they need specialists like Petersenspr to help with the major shift of content in order to compete in today’s digital markets.

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