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PR v Advertising

Something that seems to confuse a lot of people is the difference between PR and Advertising. Both are promoting a company so surely they’re the same? Wrong. 

There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.”

While advertising is paid media, PR is earned media. 

Advertising means that your content is in the paid media section of a newspaper or magazine, PR is were you convince editors to write a positive story about your client.

The fact your promotional content isn’t in the paid media section means your story has more credibility.  

Having your business independently verified by a trusted third party, rather than bought really does make a difference.

Another huge difference is price. PR firms charge monthly retainers or can be hired for specific projects. Advertising can be very pricey.

Advertising can be expensive because of the cost of the time spent pitching ideas, creative designs and production costs.  

Most advertisements need to be repeated several times before the consumer can be influenced.

Something to consider as well it that it is in the advertisers best interest to sell you more ads.

PR deals with image enhancement and creation of long-term relationships where your story often must be accepted by the media before you obtain recognition.

While both are ways to promote your business, make sure you know exactly what you want before deciding which path you want to go down.

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