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The Biggest-Selling British Band use Local Welsh Newspaper to Advertise Song List

Coldplay have unveiled their new album track for Everyday Life in a local newspaper.

Coldplay are preparing to release their eighth studio album on 22nd November and decided to adopt a unique approach to let fans know the much-anticipated new album track list. The band released the song list in Wednesday’s copy of the North Wales Daily Post. Lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, who was brought up in Pantymwyn, Wales, tweeted: “I once had a holiday job at the Daily Post, placing photos of houses for sale. I wasn’t very good at it.” The song list appeared alongside adverts for fridge freezers and resin driveways.

Song list appeared in Wednesday's newspaper

Editor of the Daily Post, Andy Campbell, said: “In editorial, we were blissfully unaware of it until someone phoned us up and pointed it out… To be honest, it’s a brilliant bit of marketing”. He added: “It’s great to see even global rock stars Coldplay recognise the unbeatable value of advertising in the Daily Post.”

Similar adverts have appeared in Exeter’s Express and Echo newspapers, where lead singer’ Chris Martin grew up, and Southampton’s Daily Echo, drummer Will Champions’ hometown.

This story had us discussing the importance of local newspapers and supporting their work.

The abundance of news now available for everyone on social media, radio and TV makes the role of local newspapers even more important. According to the Guardian, people trust their local newspaper more than they trust the national media and rely on them for trustworthy information.

Speaking about the importance of supporting local newspapers, freelance journalist Lain McBride, said: “They are the lifeblood of local communities”. Rebecca Smith added: “It’s something which provides a voice and platform for people and issues which would otherwise not be heard”.

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