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Why Every Company Needs A Strong Social Media Presence?

A new year means new beginnings for many businesses. This year is particularly challenging as we learn how to deal with the ongoing variants of covid spouting all over the globe. We have adapted our workplaces to function virtually via Zoom and turned our spare rooms into offices. However, how can companies continue to build trust with their clients that spurs from face-to-face meetings, coffee catchups and being able to explain/demonstrate in person your product and/or service? Well, the best place to be able to build trust and grow your business is via a strong effective social media presence.

Why social media?

Well, according to Smart Insights “57.6% of the world's population uses social media. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 27 minutes (October 2021)” and this is set to rise in 2022. That is over 3.5 billion people who look for information, services, and products on social media. It is vital that your business taps into this audience.

When potential customers look to buy a specific product or service, they want to read reviews, see pictures, testimonials and if the products are sustainable.

Social media allows you to answer these questions whilst promoting your business and reach a wider audience with a variety of platforms, attracting different demographics. For example, Linked In is great for a business that provides a service, law firms and recruitment companies. Whilst the visually oriented Instagram and TikTok, used by a younger audience is amazing for the food industry and companies who are selling a product.

But why not use them all? If you are looking to grow your business, you need to reach a large, varied audience that trusts you. Creating clean consistent branding across all platforms that frequently posts shows time, effort and is aesthetically pleasing. If the page is using interactive features, asks and answers questions, this builds trust.

How to make your presence strong and effective?

Merely using social media isn’t enough to receive the engagements you need to make a difference. Many other companies are also trying to reach a wider audience, you need to make sure that your account stands out. Below are some guidelines to follow when creating your social media accounts. For more tips and tricks follow PetersensPR on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


Easy to understand - Stay clear of over-complicated industry jargon. No one complains if something is too simple and clear. Get your point across in short clear sentences.

Branding - Create a clear brand identity across all your social media platforms. Make sure you have consistency, from your website to all your social media accounts make sure you use the same fonts, colours, tone, logo etc. This will make your accounts more professional and easily identifiable.

Learn the Site - Get to know the social media sites and make the most of their newer features. For example, using Instagram TV and its story features such as polls and questions increases engagement as its interactive.

Relevance - Make sure that each post has a purpose. Do not just post for the sake of it. Find an issue to tackle, a question to answer or a service to promote.

Testimonials – A client should read about how great your business is from those who have used it, not just the business itself. Sights like Facebook reviews and Trustpilot are good for testimonials, or simply ask previous clients yourself.

Variety - Why not learn how to utilise all social media platforms? Even if you think sights like TikTok is childish, most makeup items that go viral on TikTok sells out within days, for example, the Charlotte Tilbury contour that has been out of stock for months. Even if you’re not product-based you can make your mark on TikTok. Ryanair has 1.4 million followers with their top video receiving 43 million views and Duolingo has a 2.1 million following and gets millions of views on each video.

Used correctly social media can completely transform your business for the better. So why not make your mark, follow these simple tips and grow your business?

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