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Why should your company start a podcast?

The popularity of podcasts has boomed over the past couple of years. In our ‘on-demand’, instant access society, people expect to get their news and entertainment immediately and not have to wait for it. The ability to pop your headphones in and listen to a podcast on any topic you like while out walking the dog or on the commute to work makes the podcast the perfect platform for consuming media on the go.

The accessibility of podcasts and the variety of subjects means that an incredibly diverse group of people enjoy them. Listeners can laugh, learn, and seek advice from their favourite podcasts - wherever they happen to be.

Podcasts aren’t just for entertainment or education though. Increasingly, businesses are using them as promotional tools. There are many popular business-focused podcasts across a variety of sectors, including:

· Education

· Technology

· Finance

· Communications

· Economic

· Law

Examples of podcasts within these sectors includes:

· Barclays Private Bank Podcast- Insights and analysis from leading experts within Barclays. They look at trends, challenges, and opportunities for those investing in and buying properties.

· Blue Apron- Why we eat what we eat - Blue Apron the food delivery service (equivalent to Hello Fresh but in the US), discuss American food habits and encourage healthy eating. In doing so they promote their service as a healthy option with fresh produce.

· Johnson & Johnson- Innovation- This branded podcast explores healthcare treatments, inventions, and products. They explore trends whilst promoting their own business and products.

Whether directly or inadvertently, these companies are promoting their business. Even St Paul’s Cathedral has Podcast- so you can too!

Looking at our own sector, PR and marketing, there’s a whole category on Spotify podcasts dedicated to marketing, which includes podcasts on digital marketing, social media marketing, marketing for girls and marketing made simple.

Statista reports that in 2021 UK podcast listener numbers reached 19.1 million, and this is predicted to increase to 28 million in 2026. Therefore, this is a booming part of the media that businesses must start to explore. If you have a company to promote or a product to sell and you fit into one of the many sectors covered by podcasts, then you should consider starting your own. After all, people buy people and podcasts are a great way to show off your personality and expertise, which builds trust with your listeners and potential clients.

Did you know that Petersens PR offers a podcast service? We can help you set up a podcast, show you how to record it, and edit and upload the audio for you, including distribution to all major podcast platforms and subsequent promotion. To learn more, or call at 029 2054 9597

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